Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A World of Difference

Introduction: Welcome back to Term 3 everyone, This morning we had been introduced to a new topic in Immersion Assembly named (A World of Difference), like we always do.
Immersion Assembly is a common thing we do every term, they show about the different things we students are about to learn.
Each team from team 1 up to 5 had the opportunity to make a permanents to show what they were gonna do.

Team 1: Learning about what other students around the word do,
like other people we travel, eat and wear different things because it's the way we were learnt to, for other students around the world some may walk to school, boat to school and even jet ski to school.
So concluding to that Team 1 are going to be learning about how other students do particular things.

Team 2: Stylish World Tour
For this whole term they will be learning about world tour and see different type of places and learn interesting facts about them, like team 1, they will as well be learning about food.

Team 3: Amazing Race
For team 3 they had preformed a recreation of a very famous TV-show called Amazing race, where they raced all over the world and did some crazy/enjoyable things. Showing this they looked like they had been having lots of fun have enjoyable moments, in the ending part you see Mrs King failing to get 1 or 2 place which leads her to elimination. But other then that it was a incredible remake of Amazing race. For this term they will be learning the same as (Team 2), they will be learn about the worlds and its places.

Team 4: Food Around the World
For their preferment they showed them eating different types of foods and enjoying it. each teacher had some type of food from different places and researched it and found some incredible facts.
As well as the other team they will be learning about different types of foods around the world.

Team 5: Myths & Legends
For team 5's presentation performed a story called Sina and the eel. So for this term they will be learning about myths and legends, like the one they performed, they will be finding story from very old times and seeing if was a myth or a legend. They will as will be learning about (A World of Difference)

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