Thursday, 8 June 2017

Making a paper helicopter

Making a paper helicopter

A helicopter is something at can fly up in the sky Today. We made a paper helicopter we all got a piece of paper . we  had to cut up the Solid straight lines and fold the dotted lines. After that we putted a paperclip Then when we were all done with their paper helicopter it was time to see it fly so we want to the hall then all of as put it up then after that it want twirling down like gravity it was really fun to play with .

Friday, 24 March 2017

Going to camp

Kia ora my name is Tia and today I am writing about year 5 & 6 camp and all the fun Activities we got to do.  At year 5 & 6 camp my team and other teams did a lot of camp activities like kayaking, youth town, killer zone, get lost and the dance concert. My favourite Thing at camp was Kayaking because some time it was funny falling down from the kayak I got really Wet when the water splash in my face. When i fall off the kayak it flip over and landed on my head. Thank you Mrs Buchanan and Miss West and all the Teachers for everything . Thank you helpers for helping the year 5 and 6 camp. i enjoy going to camp and having lots of fun.