Friday, 3 July 2020

Reflection To Term 3

Reflection To Term 3

During these past few weeks I've learnt some incredible things. When the lock-down occurred there was barely anything I could do until school came around, ever since then I've been blessed as well as many others to come to school and learn more educational things.

My highlights coming back to school was learning some incredible things especially when we had to keep some rules to stay safe and also for having beautiful teachers that taught us some valuable lessons during covid-19 crisis, another highlight was getting the confidence to stand up to my class and doing my genius hour presentation.

Next term I'm looking forward to learning some new things, getting more confidence so that one day I could stand in-front of a crowd of people without stuttering and hopefully getting to do genius hour again like what we did this week.

Here Is 5 Things I've Been Blessed With This Term 

  1. I've been blessed to come to school everyday well unfortunately other people couldn't and chatting to my friends instead of calling in google meets
  2. Coming to school and learning phenomenal educational things
  3. My incredible teachair's who taught us valuable lessons well risking there quarantine times for kids for couldn't stay in their bubble and as well as taking care of us students when the term had started and taking their xtra time to prepare lessons to teach us.
  4. Having fun enjoyable moments at school like matariki, coming to school for the first time and painting
  5. During quarantine well ever one was stuck at home and there was nothing to do, we had gotten some work during quarantine which was the easter learning journey.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Matariki (Māori New Year)

Matariki (Māori New Year)
On Friday it was matariki day all so known as moari new year. To celebrate it we had events like; cooking, arts and craft, movie making and sport games. Everyone had a sirva to fill out to diatermia which event we would be in, I got picked in Arts and craft which was a lot of fun, We had to make stars. 

First we had to colour them, there were many interesting patters beautiful and neat patters. after we had finished colouring our stars we want panting for the background after that we cut the stars outline and glued it to our background.
*Your Highlights; My highlights from arts and craft would probably be panting the background for our stars, because you could be creative with it and add your own patterns and colours to it. My other highlight was sitting next to my friends and having a good time.
* Sky; In the Māori language, Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising in late May or early June. This is a marker of the beginning of the new year. 
* Should NZ celebrate this and why?: Yes, because matariki is the celebration of Māori new year, Māori's where the ones who own this land way before we were allowed to come to new zealand so it's right that we celebrate the new year of Māori's.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Thank You To The Rotary Club

Today we had been given free magazine's from Rotary Club.

Thank you to Walter the president for Rotary club of  Auckland South, for the amazing magazine you've given us (Pt England School). We really appreciate your kind gift you gave to Pt England school on top of that thank for coming all the way here. I really appreciate those cool magazine and will always be thankful for it, other wise a huge thank you to Rotary club & Walter, I can't wait to open it up!.

Compering Stories

This week we learnt about Compering Stories and seeing how much similarities there were, I read two story and each of them had some statements to give and a clean reason for them.

Website I chose to do the similarities with
Stand up
Black lives matter   

Friday, 19 June 2020

Special Assembly

On Friday morning's we usually meet up for a normally assembly @ 10:00, But today was a totally different experience, we had 2 special guest named Joseph Parker, and his sister Elizabeth Parker. You've probably heard of him before the sensational boxer.

We learnt valuable & important lessons from Joseph like; believe in yourself & nothing beat's handwork. It was an incredible experience, but i

 did have some question's like: how long did he have to practice for and do you ever get tired from practice.

I'd like to give my acknowledgement to Joseph Parker. Thank you so much for joining us today and giving us valuable lessons for future being and thank you so so much for you guitar performer 

Thursday, 18 June 2020

On June 16th 2020 it was Trinity's birthday, so me and Yolanda decided to make a side for her showing our appreciation.