Friday, 24 March 2017

Going to camp

Kia ora my name is Tia and today I am writing about year 5 & 6 camp and all the fun Activities we got to do.  At year 5 & 6 camp my team and other teams did a lot of camp activities like kayaking, youth town, killer zone, get lost and the dance concert. My favourite Thing at camp was Kayaking because some time it was funny falling down from the kayak I got really Wet when the water splash in my face. When i fall off the kayak it flip over and landed on my head. Thank you Mrs Buchanan and Miss West and all the Teachers for everything . Thank you helpers for helping the year 5 and 6 camp. i enjoy going to camp and having lots of fun.

Friday, 3 March 2017

All about me

Talofa and hello.

My name is Tia. I have three brothers and my culture is Samoan. I am in Year 5 and my teachers are Mrs Buchanan and Miss West. I like to play with my friends at school.  My favourite thing is playing every day.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Christmas with my family

My Christmas with
        my family

On Christmas day my cousins came to stay with us for the holiday
when i first see then from the airport i was Really excited because they were going
to stay until the Christmas holiday were finished when we picked up my cousins we went to my mum friends house for a visit . After that we went to the hill to take pictures 
a lot of pictures then after a pictures we want home for a quickly
sleep . when we all woke up after a quickly sleep we all went outside for a jump on the jumpolin we had lot of fun will we were jump on the jumpolin we also had some ice pop and a little  rest so we could get some more energy suddenly when my big cousin Ryan  came outside with his little baby .

My cousins and aunty loved to play with baby and 
they also loved to go in the pool because we play water  fight in the pool every day we had a lot of fun . After we had a quickly swimming we all watch some movies kids movie then after that we all went sleep and we all open the gifts in the morning because we were sleep  .